I still don't know much about

어떤때 얼마만큼 마음을 열어야 하는지    

When and how much do I open my heart.

너무 열지 않아서 지쳐 돌아간 사람도 있고

There was the one who was exhausted and gone as I didn't open my heart enough

너무 일찍 열어서 놀라 돌아간 사람도 있습니다

There was the one who was surprised and gone as I open my heart too early

너무 작게 열어 날 몰라준 사람도 있었고

There was the one who didn't know my mind as I open my heart too little

너무 많이 열어 내가 지쳐버린 때도 있었습니다

I got too exhausted as I open my heart too much

나는 아직 잘 모르겠습니다

I have no idea still about love

클릭해서 Aaron Kim 영어회화앱을 무료 다운받으세요^^